Award Winning Recording Artist

The Flute Room is where you will find Michele McGovern, an award-winning recording artist, and her mesmerizing flute music that has gained the attention of the masses worldwide. Michele's new album, Falling Leaves, won an award and this top recording artist continues to make great strides within the music industry, as well as the arts and recreation scene with her latest musical production called Lady Vadula Spellbound. This marvelous play features Michele's incredible ability to play all kinds of heartfelt flute music along with an impressive cast of characters including a detective, her father, a prince and many dancers. This award-winning recording artist plays the main role of Lady Vadula, and the October 28, 2017 opening show ended with a pleased crowd and a standing ovation. You can learn more about Lady Vadula Spellbound and the award winning album Falling Leaves via The Flute Room.

Michele McGovern is engaged in all kinds of genres of music with her flute. She plays classical, pop, some rock and jazz from time to time and new age music to entice the soul and entertain the mind. Michele has played at Live from Center Stage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and has also appeared at Carnegie Hall in New York and in Russia. She is quickly expanding her growing flute playing career and getting involved in lots of community events, performances and extroverted encounters with her fans. The Flute Room is where this award-winning recording artist showcases her best work. You can view the award winning short film called Moonlight and listen to other amazing music played by Michele including Timelessness, End of the Road, La Notte, Nocturne, Pavane, Sunrise,Pathways and much more.

Michele's videos are wonderful to say the least. Viewers will love the different landscapes that are featured in her videos and a cool cast of characters to go along with the award-winning flute music from this award-winning recording artist. The Flute Room is where you can also contact Michele McGovern and ask her questions about her music, upcoming shows and what she plans on doing next. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are other places wehre you can follow the marvelous career of this award-winning recording artist. Now is the time to come and enjoy what The Flute Room has to offer. We invite you to open the door to a world of enigmatic charm, dreams, love and extraordinary flute music from one of the best flute players in the industry. Please enjoy The Flute Room from this award-winning recording artist today, and let your imagination run wild with relaxing flute music played by Michele McGovern.