Information on "Vadula"

Is the project of world-class Flutist Michele McGovern. Ms. McGovern is assembling a collaboration of artists to assist in creating the musical theater production "Vadula". Vadula will be a combination of instrumental music, singing, dance, silks and acting.

The story surrounds the movements of a mysterious muse Victoria Vadula. She has transformed a number of young beautiful girls into her subjects. Victoria Vadula's music energizes her minions into a seductive dance luring unsuspecting men to their fate.

If you would like to be part of the Vadula production fill out the form below. Be sure to select the areas of you expertise. All updates will be posted on Michele's Facebook page so be sure to friend her.

If you are interested in being involved in the creation of Vadula please select the following areas of interest.

Acting Singing Make-Up Hair Costume Stag Sound
Lighting Silks Dancer Muscians Circus Acts Vampires Music/Composers