Best Flute Players in Chicago

Michele McGovern is one of the best flute players in Chicago. Her website, called The Flute Room, features music from her award winning album "Falling Leaves" and other flute songs that she has performed live. Michele has gathered a large fan base. Many people now follow this outstanding flute player via Facebook. Ms. McGovern is also an active Twitter user, and she provides her fans with quick updates on a regular basis about upcoming flute songs and shows that she is involved in. Flute fans can also follow Michele McGovern on this website. You can learn more about the best flute players in Chicago and around the globe and Michele's contacts within the industry that have helped her boost her career goals.

The Flute Room is also where you can view music videos put on by Michele McGovern. Michele tends to go all out when it comes to her videos. Her gorgeous wardrobe speaks for itself, and she is keenly aware of the impact that her clothing and her music has on her listeners. People are always highly impressed with the best flute players in Chicago, and Michele McGovern is a classical crossover flute player that has performed heartwarming music, such as "Winter's Beauty", "Moonlight", and "End of the Road." Her latest venture was the performance of Lady Vadula Spellbound. This magnificent play was put on live in the Orland Park, IL area and was received with a standing ovation from numerous onlookers. Although this was only a one-time performance, plans are in the works to do this play again at different venues since people seem to be very interested in seeing Vadula again or seeing it for the first time.

The best flute players in Chicago have to have a good understanding of what their fans desire. The artistic creativity and talent of the flute player drives the soul of other people via the instrument. Flute players, like Michele McGovern, design music that tells a story and keeps listeners fascinated. The Flute Room is where you can discover the sweet-sounding music put on by Michele McGovern, one of the best flute players in Chicago. Fans can also read over her biography section to get more details about Michele's college education and studies, her close connections, and how she rose within the music industry to become a famous flute player.

Michele also plays pop flute music, rock flute music, new age flute music and even a little bit of jazz from time to time. The Flute Room features Michele McGovern's music and videos, including her award winning music video "Moonlight" that was recognized locally in the state of Illinois at the Illinois International Film Festival and in Mexico. This is just one example of the type of magic that Michele can create. The best flute players in Chicago have focused their attention on creating music that leaves a deep, lasting impression and continual things to look forward to from a fan standpoint. Come and check out The Flute Room to see what Michele McGovern is up to and how she became one of the best flute players in Chicago.