Chicago Flutist Performer

The Chicago flutist performer, Michele McGovern, is more than just an orchestra member. Ms. McGovern has worked on a number of arrangements, composed original works, and acted in her own videos to name just a few of her accomplishments. She has received numerous awards for her performances and videos throughout the years. Today, this Chicago flutist performer has embarked on a new career path as a classical crossover flutist Chicago area music lovers are talking about. Her numerous original songs have been turned into extraordinary YouTube videos.

As a Chicago flutist performer, Michele won the Farwell Award for musical excellence and performed with some of the greatest musicians of our time, including Jean Berkenstock (former principal Lyric Opera Orchestra), Alexander Murray (former principal London Symphony), Donald Peck (former principal Chicago Symphony), Mary Stolper (principle Grant Park Symphony), and Melody Lord (revered teacher, accompanist, and arranger). She has had the opportunity to perform with a number of world-renowned orchestras, such as Mozart's D Major Concerto, Mozart's Andante, Vivaldi's Il Gardellino Concerto, Vivaldi's La Notte Concerto, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 for two flutes and violin, Lukas Foss' "For Toru," and a recording with Saint Petersburg Camerata in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Today, she is switching things up with some original music that has jazz, rock, classical, Latin, and New Age influences. She has shown us all what a remarkable writer, director, and actress she is in her recent YouTube videos that feature her original music. The Chicago flutist performer, Michele McGovern, boasts some amazing achievements throughout her career including award-winning videos, the Farwell Award for musical excellence, and two full scholarships that allowed her to complete her Bachelor and Master's Degrees in Music Performance at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. As a Chicago flutist performer, Ms. McGovern worked with Melody Lord as co-arrangers.

Together the completed an arrangement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, as well as 6 arrangements of Carmen. The two women performed these arrangements at Carnegie Hall at the Weil recital hall. As a Chicago flutist performer Michele had a working relationship with Melody Lord for 12 years. When Ms. Lord passed away, Ms. McGovern began her video career with a breathtaking tribute featuring the arrangement they completed together of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. The story was written by Michele McGovern and the video received a number of awards.

Although these milestones would be worthy of any musician, they are just the beginning for a Chicago flutist performer with Michele’s talent. Today, she is busier than ever composing new music and creating her amazing videos that are gaining YouTube recognition. She has appeared numerous times on Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is broadcasted to over 80,000 people. You can find these videos, as well as all of her latest music on her YouTube channel. This Chicago flutist performer has embraced the classical crossover genre with her renditions of Pavane, as well as her original songs and videos like "Little Flirt", "Timelessness", "Winter's Beauty", "Falling Leaves", and more.