Chicago Romantic Flute Music

The charm of Chicago romantic flute music is something that mesmerizes the mind and touches the soul. Michele McGovern is a world famous flutist. This Sonata flutist has engaged in meditation music and is considered an orchestra flutist Chicago, IL. The website called The Flute Room ( is your home source where you can find many of Michele’s outstanding flute performances. The video section on this website features heartfelt and charismatic videos that her and her production team has produced. Hits, such as "Timelessness", "Winter's Beauty", "Moonlight", "Pavane" and "Nocturne" are just some of the interesting videos that you can view via The Flute Room ( Chicago romantic flute music is something that is captivating to large numbers of people within the City of Chicago and across the world. People are beginning to turn away from the hard rock and roll (and other genres of music) and eccentric lyrics and videos that some of contemporary society quotes as "art." Although this type of music appeals to mostly younger audiences, even many modern day teenagers say that music of the past was much better than the advanced, space age bizarreness and enigmatic chords that are put forth by some of today’s music artists. It is no wonder why young kids still wear Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd shirts as a tribute to what past music had on the emotions of a human being, even though many were not even born when these groups were at their musical career heights.

People are yearning to go back to a time when music was simple and spoke to the mind in ways that modern day music has underachieved. Chicago romantic flute music does this. This is not to say that contemporary music is bad. Again, it does appeal to a wide mass of people, but if you contrast it to music done from the 60's, 70's and 80's you have a hard time comprehending why so many tunes sound so much alike. Have we run out of things to say in our time? Did the great artists (some who are still very well and alive today and some who have sadly passed), such as Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, David Bowie, Madonna, Billy Joel and many others simply create uniqueness that does not seem to fit today’s society. Yes and no, but whatever the argument may be about this topic, Chicago romantic flute music is definitely a category of music that stands in a class of its own. Michele McGovern is proud to welcome you to The Flute Room ( You will find a bio section on her website, cool videos and much more.

There is also a contact section where you can ask Michele more questions about her involvement as a Chicago romantic flute music player. She loves to listen to your comments and questions. She performed Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod. This show was broadcasted to over 80,000 viewers. Michele continues to impress her listeners and viewers with an eclectic mix of flute music. Chicago romantic flute music from Michele McGovern can be found right here at The Flute Room ( We hope that you enjoy the gorgeous melodies that Michele has brought forth. New events and upcoming performances are on the way. Keep track of the newsletter on this website to get more details.