Best Flute Videos Cincinnati

Some of the best flute videos can be found right here at The Flute Room ( Michele McGovern is a world recognized flute player that keeps making giant leaps in her music career. Cincinnati flute lovers will really appreciate the gorgeous music videos that appear on this website. The best flute videos Cincinnati include Michele’s hits, such as "Moonlight", "Timelessness", "Pavane", "Little Flirt" and "Winters Beauty". These are only some of the harmonic videos that you will encounter on this magnificent website.

Michele studied at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. She won first place in multiple competitions and became a two-time recipient of the Farwell Award for musical excellence via the Musicians Club for Women. The late Melody Lord was both a mentor and a partner for Michele. Michele McGovern arranged and composed music with Ms. Lord for more than 12 years. The film "Moonlight" was a tribute to Melody Lord after her passing. The best flute videos Cincinnati are here at The Flute Room ( You will enjoy listening to the dynamic music of Michele McGovern and become entwined in the unique costume designs that accommodate her music videos.

The Flute Room ( is where the best flute videos Cincinnati come alive. Michele McGovern invites you to take the time to view and listen to her heartfelt tunes. This website also has a contact section where you can ask Michele questions. Feel free to talk about Michele’s music and about any upcoming performances that she has in store. Michele McGovern played Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This marvelous performance was broadcasted to over 80,000 viewers. Michele is a flute performer New York NY and one of the great flute players Nashville TN. She continues to captivate the hearts and minds of audiences all throughout the country and across the globe.

Having some of the best flute videos Cincinnati is a great accomplishment. The flute is definitely a unique instrument that requires lots of hard work and training. Michele McGovern has launched her career as a crossover flute player Indianapolis IN and is now on her way to becoming a top flute player in our times. The Flute Room ( is where you can listen to all of Michele’s wonderful flute music. Videos have been posted for both your viewing and listening pleasure. There is also a bio section on this website that outlines some milestones in Michele’s music career. Please take the time to read over some of this interesting information.

The Flute Room ( also showcases photos of Michele in costume from some of her music videos. These colorful photos bring out Michele’s liveliness and great personality. You will also enjoy the news section found on this website. You can find out when some more of the best flute videos Cincinnati will be coming about and other hot topics surrounding Michele’s career. Michele hopes that you enjoy this diverse website and that you stay tuned for upcoming events and live performances.