Cinematic Music

The art of cinematic music involves tons of versatility. This type of music can be performed with vocals or without vocals. Music that falls into this category typically does not have a specific geographical location. Cinematic music is performed by people all across the globe, and Michele McGovern is a world famous flute player that engages in this type of music from time to time. The Flute Room ( is where you can visit to find out more about Michele McGovern’s flute music. Michele tends to play amongst all different types of musical genres. Some of her melodies are classical crossover, others are jazzy, some are pop flute music, new age music, Nagahara flute, Baroque flute and many other unique categories of interest.

Cinematic music is just one of the things that Michele McGovern is gifted at presenting to her fans. The Flute Room ( is where you can learn more about Michele’s background and listen to her old and new flute music. There is a bio section that provides you with wonderful information about Michele’s rising career within the music industry. Fans can learn about the making of “Moonlight” and her heartfelt, close relationship with Melody Lord who helped Michele McGovern become famous. Ms. Lord has sadly passed away, but Michele will always remember her as a partner and profound mentor.

There are also plenty of amazing videos that you can view via The Flute Room ( Some of these videos include “Pavane”, “Falling Leaves”, “Little Flirt”, “End of the Road”, “Sunrise”, “Nocturne” and “Timelessness.” You can also contact Michele McGovern regarding her cinematic music and inquire about her upcoming performances. Feel free to ask Michele specific questions of interest. Michele McGovern is very good at getting back to her fans and answering their questions. She is currently working on a play called “Lady Vadula.” There are still some parts that are open for people that are interested in trying out. Again, you can contact Michele McGovern regarding your interest in this upcoming production that is bound to be a big hit.

Photos are also available on this website for your viewing pleasure. These pictures feature still shots of Michele in some of her videos. Michele McGovern puts lots of creativity into everything she does. She loves pleasing her audiences and announcing new music, cinematic music and other events that are in the works. Now is the time to come and check out The Flute Room ( Enrapture yourself in bliss and enigma with the charm of Michele McGovern’s flute playing ability.