Crossover Artist

Michele McGovern is a wonderful crossover artist that specializes in the gorgeous melodies of flute music. Michele has performed at many different places throughout the country. Her website, The Flute Room (, provides you and others with profound information about Michele McGovern and how she got started in the beginning. The bio section on this website gives you a detailed background involving Michele's success as a modern day flute player. Please take the time to read over her bio section on this user friendly website in order to gain more information about this crossover artist and how she became so popular while working with the late Melody Lord.

The Flute Room ( is a place where people can gather together and listen to the mesmerizing tunes that come out of her magical flute playing ability. Being a crossover artist means that Michele McGovern focuses on different genres of music. She has played classical music, jazz style tunes, instrumental music, New Age flute music and many other heartfelt beats that will relax your mind and stimulate your soul. Michele is currently focusing on her new music. Flute songs, such as Pathways, End of the Road and her award winning film, known as Moonlight, (this piece was done earlier in her career) remains one of the most popular hits by Michele McGovern, a classy crossover artist that loves to please her audience.

Other flute music from different genres that you can find on The Flute Room ( includes Timelessness, Little Flirt, Nocturne, Pavane and "La Notte". Michele loves to perform in both large and small venues. She even once played at New York's Carnegie Hall. This is a huge honor to have the ability to play at this particular venue. It denotes that this crossover artist has made tremendous strides in her career. Photos are also available on this website for your viewing pleasure. You can see Michele McGovern in some of her videos and the types of stylish costumes she wears. A good crossover artist is one that definitely keeps the audience's attention and has people watching the show yearning for more.

Viewers that go to The Flute Room ( can also check out the news section on this website. This domain gives you information about upcoming events involving Michele McGovern and past events, such as the 2013 Jaxon Film & Music Festival and her meeting that took place with the filmmaker involving the production of Moonlight. This short film incorporates Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and is a very intriguing and sad film that touches the heart of her viewers. This crossover artist invites you to contact her directly through this website. Feel free to ask all of the questions that you desire including top crossover flute music, unique costume designs within her videos and her close relationship with the late Melody Lord who was basically a tutor for Michele in order to launch her career to where it stands today.

Visiting The Flute Room ( will bring out the best in you. After a hard day on the job, you can kick off your shoes and enjoy the relaxing music brought to you by Michele McGovern. You can also follow Michele on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to name just a few. Contact this amazing crossover artist today and discover the magic and mystery of Michele McGovern.