New Age Music

Michele McGovern is a New Age flute player that is bringing a lot of excitement, enchantment and mystery to her audiences throughout the globe. New Age music is something that is taking people by storm. Although Michele taps into different genres of music via The Flute Room ( it is her ability to deliver breathtaking tunes from her marvelous flute playing talents that really delivers whimsy to the hearts of viewers. Michele played Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Mass where the show was broadcasted to over 80,000 people. She has also played at Carnegie Hall and other venues throughout the country and the world.

Michele's profound flute playing ability has allowed her to escalate into a world renowned flutist. The Flute Room ( is where you can find Michele McGovern's latest hits, such as Falling Leaves and Pathways. Her latest production involved the making of Lady Vadula, a story based on Victoria Vadula that had a number of young beautiful girls as her servants. Vadula’s music moves her minions into a dance that entices and seduces men into an unknown fate. New Age music is just one aspect of what Michele McGovern does as a world class flute player. The Flute Room ( showcases her new and older classics.

You can go to her music or her video section on this user friendly website to come across melodies played by Michele McGovern. Some of her flute music includes Moonlight, Pavane, Falling Leaves, Winter's Beauty, Nocturne and End of the Road. Feel free to watch these videos and admire the different types of costumes that Michele has incorporated into her videos. Each video takes place in a different setting and each will deliver the punch that flute listeners yearn for. You can contact Michele with any questions that you have about her New Age music. Just go to the contact section to ask your questions or feel free to leave comments about what you thought regarding Michele McGovern’s videos or music. The Flute Room ( is your home to all of Michele's devoted works of art.

There is also a bio section on this website that gives you more details about Michele’s background as a flutist and her studies to become one of the best flute players in the world. Her mentor, Melody Lord, a pianist, unfortunately passed away not too long ago. Michele gives great respect to this woman and did Moonlight as a tribute to Ms. Lord. You can also view the photo section here at The Flute Room ( These still shot photos feature Michele in divine costume within some of her video clips. Now is the right time to get familiar with New Age music from Michele McGovern. Keep in contact with this website for the latest news and events. You can find out more about upcoming performances from Michele right here at The Flute Room (