Orchestra Flutist Chicago, IL

Michele McGovern has elevated her flute career over the years. The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) is a place where people visit to listen to the music and magic that this Sonata flutist creates. Being an orchestra flutist Chicago, IL is something that takes lots of hard work and devotion. Michele McGovern's bio section on this amazing website outlines the path to her success, her studies at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University and her accolades that she has been awarded because of her music and her success.

This website features videos in different environmental surroundings. Viewers will be captivated by the elaborate costume designs featured in these various video clippings. Her hits include "Moonlight" (a short musical film), "Pavane", "Nocturne", "Timelessness" and many other heartfelt flute music compositions. You can watch her latest video "End of the Road" on The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com). Michele McGovern's flute music is transforming generations of music lovers. People feel a connection to her and her ability to deliver profound flute music to large numbers of people. This orchestra flutist Chicago, IL played Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Mass. This show was broadcasted to more than 80,000 viewers. You can follow Michele’s newsletter section on this website to find out more about upcoming events and things that are going on in Michele's flute playing career.

An orchestra flutist Chicago, IL, such as Michele McGovern, has worked with many famous individuals. She had the pleasure of working with Chicago symphony pianist Melody Lord. In fact, “Moonlight” was a tribute to Melody Lord after her passing. Michele has also worked with Gary Stuka. The Chicago symphony (recorded with Gary Stuka, CSO cellist) has played a large impact in Michele’s career. She continues to grow and build upon her foundation of flute playing touching on classical, romantic and other types of genres. Photos of Michele appear on this website. Some of these photos show still shots of her within her videos. This orchestra flutist Chicago, IL is proud to have you as a listener. There is a contact section where you can type in questions for Michele. This Chicago flutist loves to hear back from her fans and is very responsive to your feedback. The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) features different music performed by Michele McGovern.

Society is turning back the hands of time to more graceful, introspective music. Michele McGovern is an orchestra flutist Chicago, IL that understands how to move and to captivate people from all walks of life. The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) is a great website when you are searching for something different, something relaxing and something that will get you thinking about your inner most thoughts and feelings as a person. Flute playing from Michele McGovern will only become more popular in the years ahead as Michele’s career grows. Please take the time to go through this website and enjoy the harmony and enigma that Michele McGovern brings as an orchestra flutist Chicago, IL.