Orchestral Pop

Orchestral pop music is prevalent music that involves a symphonic orchestra. The music is arranged and played by the orchestra. It is a diversion away from the Tin Pan Alley times. The Beatles have some orchestral pop type of music in some of their songs and Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys are praised for this music. Michele McGovern knows about this unique type of music. This world famous flute player invites you to come and check out The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com). Michele is currently involved in working on some of her latest hits. Songs such as "End of the Road" and "Pathways" are two good examples of this.

This user friendly website features a wide variety of flute music performed by Michele McGovern. Orchestral pop is incorporated into some of her songs. She also uses a classical crossover style and touches upon many genres of music. Her flute music is soothing and charming. She is attracting more and more people from around the world on a daily basis. Her website, The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) is your home base to find out more about Michele, her background and the different types of flute melodies that she plays.

Photos are available on her website. These still shot photographs show Michele posed in different music videos. She is a delight to her fans and loves to hear from her fan base. You can contact Michele McGovern through this user friendly website. Feel free to ask her questions about orchestral pop and other types of music. She will be more than happy to answer your questions about her music, her career and how she became a world famous flutist. The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) is where you can find all of Michele's music and music videos. You will notice the elaborate and creative design that has gone into making her wonderful and heartfelt videos.

Michele McGovern is also currently working on a theatrical production called Lady Vadula. There seems to be nothing that Michele cannot do when she puts her mind to it. This gifted flute artist has touched the souls and hearts of many people. The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) can teach you more about Michele's music and orchestral pop. Please stop by for a visit or to listen to Michele McGovern's outstanding flute playing ability. There is a bio section and videos available for your pleasure. Michele looks forward to hearing from you soon.