Pop Flutist

Michele McGovern is a pop flutist that welcomes you to The Flute Room. Here is where you can discover the magical journey that Michele has been on to become a solo flute artist. Her bio section has been outlined on this user-friendly website for your reading pleasure. You can learn more about Michele's award-winning music videos and short film, "Moonlight." Ms. McGovern has just released Falling Leaves. This wonderful collection of heart-felt music by Michele McGovern is both captivating and mesmerizing. She combines classical, rock, new age and even a little bit of jazz into Falling Leaves. You will also notice pop music from this pop flutist.

The Flute Room is also where you can contact Michele with any questions that you have about her flute music. Feel free to ask her about her live Chicago music, history of the flute, more about her relaxing music and how this award-winning flutist has made in-roads across the globe. Being a pop flutist has brought Michele McGovern into a shining spotlight. Many flute fans are learning more about Michele as a flute player from performances, such as Live From Center Stage in Massachusetts and flute playing at Carnegie Hall. The Flute Room website also showcases photos of Michele in some of her videos and lots of awesome music that will entice your senses.

Michele is currently involved in a project called "Lady Vadula." This is going to be a play filled with music, dance and a fantastic story. It involves mystery, charming flute music that is bound to hypnotize you and other audience members along with an interesting cast of characters. If you are interested in trying out for a part in "Lady Vadula," be sure to contact Michele McGovern via The Flute Room. This pop flutist will respond to your questions in a timely manner. Michele loves her fan base and always appreciates the time that you take to spend with her.

You can also follow Michele via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Famous musicians in Chicago, such as Michele McGovern are happy that you have become a part of the greater music listeners to this genre of melodies. Flute playing brings harmony and peace to the human heart and soul. People can conquer a stressful day at the office by listening to a pop flutist that has the experience to reach out to her audience. The Flute Room is where Michele McGovern creates all of her magic.

This performance artist is excellent at creating cinematic music. You will notice this fact when you arrive here at The Flute Room. New Age music, award-winning videos and classical crossover music are all things that you will enjoy on this website. Michele McGovern and other world class flute players take a lot of pride and rapture in playing the flute and bringing their talent to the masses. If you have not heard anything from this pop flutist now is the time to engage in The Flute Room. Your door to profound musical joy awaits your entrance.