Soft Flute Music

The Flute Room is where you can listen to soft flute music by yourself or with a loved one. Michele McGovern is a world class flute player that engages in a wide variety of music genres. Her magical ability to play the flute was brought on by pure, raw talent and lots of school studies during her time at Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. Michele understands that the world is a complex place, one that is filled with stressors on a daily basis and one that can drag you down when you least expect it. Music is one thing that you can always depend upon to help you relax and feel at ease when life tends to bog you down. Soft flute music from Michele McGovern can put your mind off life's broiler and transition it into a meditative state.

Falling Leaves is a wonderful collection of flute music that is charming, whimsical and enticing to the senses. The new release collection features classical, new age, pop, rock and some jazz for listeners. Its eclectic nature appeals to people from all walks of life. The Flute Room is where you can learn more about Falling Leaves and other projects Michele is working on. Michele McGovern does live performances from time to time, and if you are wondering where you can catch her next, just contact her via The Flute Room or follow her on YouTube for new videos and news. Soft flute music from Michele McGovern flushes out the concept of time and leaves content listeners left in a universe filled with positive energy and love.

This website also features a detailed bio section. Online viewers can learn more about Michele's background, her award-winning videos and musical short and Ms. McGovern's relationship with the late Melody Lord and how this Chicago pianist helped Michele rise to the top in her career. You can also check out some of the videos posted on The Flute Room. Viewers will enjoy the mysterious, fun and creative nature that are all intertwined within these videos. A lot of the videos showcase Michele in some kind of stunning topography setting whether it is inside a clandestine cave or out enjoying Winter's Beauty in the snow. Soft flute music abounds in many of her videos, but again there are different themes to her music, so you may hear more upbeat and fast flute playing at times in contrast to the softer side that she projects. It is an elegant mix to say the least.

The Flute Room has its door open when you are ready to be taken into a new world, one filled with soft flute music and rapture. Be sure to also check out Michele McGovern's upcoming play called Lady Vadula. This play features lots of dancing, flute playing and acting. Tickets are on sale now, so act quickly if you are living within the Chicagoland area. Michele hopes that you enjoy the artful mystery and magic of her soft flute music.