Best Flute Videos Chicago Illinois

Michele McGovern has some of the best flute videos Chicago Illinois residents can find on her website Her musical talent and extraordinary gifts for writing, acting, and producing videos are amazing. Michele delivers some of the best flute videos Chicago Illinois music lovers have seen in a very long time. Her musical career started with a full scholarship toward the Bachelor and Master Degree in Music Performance she earned at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. She has recently become a YouTube sensation and has made several appearances on the television show “Live from Center Stage Concert Series,” which is located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

Michele McGovern’s website,, offers a wonderful selection of some of her arrangements and original music. You will also find examples of this award-winning artist’s flute videos, such as “Falling Leaves,” “Winter’s Beauty,” “Little Flirt,” "Pavane,” “Moonlight” and “Timelessness.” These are some of the best flute videos Chicago Illinois examples available. Michele McGovern has an extraordinary gift for transporting viewers and listeners to another world through her ethereal music. 

When someone is passionate about what they do, it shows. This is especially true, when you watch Michele perform live or on her videos you will notice the passion and elegance that she exudes. At there is a mix of new and older flute videos by Michele. You can also keep up with the latest news regarding performances, video releases, and much more. Michele loves to hear from her fans, so please feel free to contact her through this website. This world famous flute artist is on the cusps of another musical adventure with her upcoming theater production of “Vadula.” In addition to the best flute videos Chicago Illinois residents will have the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary combination of music, acting, dancing, and much more. Michele’s work on this venture has just begun, and she is currently looking for talented individuals that would like to participate, so please use the “Vadula” contact form to be considered.

The best flute videos Chicago Illinois has seen in years are thanks to the talent of Michele McGovern. You may learn more about this new wave flutist Chicago music lovers are talking about by reading her remarkable bio section on this website. Even before her venture into YouTube and Vimeo videos, Michele’s accolades have been impressive. She not only provides some of the best flute videos Chicago Illinois residents will love, but she also is considered by many to be one of the Top 10 flutists in the world.

Best flute videos Chicago Illinois has got the city that never sleeps alert and ready. Many people are talking about Michele McGovern’s dynamic flute music. The is Michele’s home to all of her marvelous works of art. This passionate flute artist invites you to listen to her relaxing flute music via online through this website. Again, you can contact Michele with any questions that you may have regarding her current or upcoming plans within the flute industry. Michele welcomes you to the Please take the time to explore this magical website and enjoy all of the bountiful tunes put forth by Michele McGovern.