Chicago Solo Artist Michele McGovern

Chicago residents have an eclectic taste for music. Michele McGovern is a world class flute player that is making waves throughout the Chicagoland region. The Flute Room is a user friendly website devoted towards all of her works. Chicago solo artist Michele McGovern has produced many outstanding videos for her audience. Works such as “Nocturne”, “Winter’s Beauty”, “Pavane”, “Little Flirt” and “Timelessness” are just some of the magnificent works that this amazing flute player brings to her fans.

There is a bio section on this website that talks about Michele’s background and how she became a world class flute player. Michele studied hard in school and all of her hard work has now paid off. Michele McGovern has managed to captivate the minds and souls of both old and young people. She performed some of her new compositions and arrangements in Cape Cod, Mass. This particular show was broadcasted to over 80,000 people. Chicago solo artist Michele McGovern understands what it takes to become a success. Photos are available on for your viewing pleasure.

You can contact Michele directly through this website. Michele McGovern always appreciates your feedback about her music and her upcoming performances. There is also a news section on this website. You can find out what is going on in Michele’s music life by reading over some of these news stories. This website will always keep you up to date on the latest happenings in Michele’s music career. Chicago solo artist Michele McGovern is devoted to making sure her fans are happy. She plays a diverse range of music that will take your mind on a journey of dreams.

Michele is touching hearts all throughout the world. Her dedication to the art of flute playing is reflected in the type of music that she produces. Michele was a first place winner in multiple compositions. She is also a two time receiver of the Farwell Award for musical excellence. In addition to being a flutist, composer/arranger, Michele McGovern is also an award winning film maker. The showcases her work and allows you to listen to her gorgeous music. Chicago solo artist Michele McGovern will be engaging in new works of art in the very near future.

The Flute Room is where people come together to enjoy the melodies of a world class flute player. If you ever have any questions for Michele you can contact her through this website. There is a contact section on this website where you can ask her questions. The art of flute playing has been blessed on only a few people in this world. It takes heart and devotion to deliver the charming melodies that entrance people’s minds. The is where you will find Chicago solo artist Michele McGovern at her best. Now is a great time to start listening to the heartfelt tunes that this amazing flute artist produces. Again, just contact Michele with any questions that you have for her, and enjoy the music that she brings forward.