Chicago Symphony Pianist

Michele McGovern is a world renowned flute player that has worked with Chicago symphony pianist performers on a number of occasions. Although her career is moving toward the classical crossover genre, as you can see on Michele's website The Flute Room, she worked for years with the famous Chicago symphony pianist, Melody Lord. Their collaboration resulted in piano and flute arrangements of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, as well as 6 arrangements from the opera Carmen.

In fact, Michele and Chicago symphony pianist, Melody has the opportunity to perform all 6 arrangements of Carmen at Carnegie Hall at the Weil recital hall. It was the untimely death of Ms. Lord that spurred Ms. McGovern's new career path. Michele created a music video based on Moonlight Sonata entitled Moonlight. The story, written by Ms. McGovern, focuses on the story of two lovers in the 1930's and the tragic end of their relationship. Although the Chicago symphony pianist was not able to participate, her influence and memory helped Michele create an award-winning video in her honor.

You can watch this amazing video on at The Flute Room ( or YouTube. This website includes all of Michele McGovern's new work, including her new videos that highlight some of her original work and her classical crossover style, such as "Nocturne", "Timelessness", "Little Flirt", "Winter's Beauty", and "Falling Leaves." In addition to these originals, Michele has created some breathtaking video performances of "Pavane" and "End of the Road," which is her most recent release. Many of these videos use a Chicago symphony pianist for the arrangements.

Michele's YouTube channel and website, The Flute Room ( include a variety of Live From Center Stage performances in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. If you would like to learn more about Ms. McGovern, we recommend reading over her bio section, where you can see the details about Michele's career as a flutist. She has worked with some of the best musicians in the world, including some of the most talented Chicago symphony pianist performers.

Melody Lord, a Chicago symphony pianist, has had a large impact on Michele's style and ability to play a variety of genres, which is an exceptional talent that few possess. People that follow Michele know that she has the rare ability to switch from classical to jazz, then to rock without missing a beat. Her enchanting original music highlights these skills. It is no wonder that Michele has received so many accolades over the years. "Moonlight" was just the beginning of her classical crossover career. Today, she is working with Gary Stuka, a Chicago symphony orchestra cellist, who has performed in a number of her videos.

The Flute Room ( offers a variety of information regarding Michele, including her performance schedule and a way to contact her. If you would like to learn more about the Chicago symphony pianist, Melody Lord, you can check out the video on The Flute Room (, which provides a lovely history regarding this remarkable musician.