Classical Flutist New York

The City of New York has been nicknamed the city that never sleeps. This active urban area is where musical talent flourishes. Michele McGovern is a classical flutist New York. Although she lives in Illinois, she has gained worldwide recognition as being an outstanding flute player. This classical flutist has a website called The Flute Room ( Michele devotes her time to creating wonderful works of art and stunning music videos for all to enjoy.

Nocturne”, “Pavane”, “Little Flirt”, “Timelessness” and “Moonlight” are just a few of the marvelous videos you can watch on the Being a classical flutist New York is not an easy talent mastered by many. God has blessed Michele with the timeless gift of flute playing. She is constantly gaining more and more fans as her career develops. Michele McGovern earned her Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. She was awarded a full scholarship for both degrees from this amazing school. 

Michele and Melody Lord used to work together. Sadly, Ms. Lord has passed away. This pair worked together for more than 12 years. Melody Lord was a Chicago sympathy pianist and former Musicians Club of Women member. They performed six of their arrangements in New York City’s famous Carnegie Hall. The making of Moonlight and “Moonlight” itself is devoted to the memory of Melody Lord. Ms. Lord is now smiling down on Michele from the heavens above. Michele has turned into an amazing classical flutist New York. Her timeless melodies bring forth a sense of rapture to the soul and elegance to the mind.
The Flute Room ( also showcases photos of Michele. These still shot photos feature Michele in stunning outfits in her video productions. There is also a news section on this website. This link will keep you up to date on what is going on in Michele’s career and upcoming news and events surrounding this marvelous classical flutist New York. You can also contact Michele with any questions that you have for her. This classical flutist loves to hear back from her viewing audience. She will answer all of your questions about her career and upcoming events that you can look forward to in the future.

The art of flute playing is enchanting the hearts and minds of many of today’s modern day people. Fans of music are always looking for something new and different. Michele McGovern definitely brings an eclectic type of music to the table for all to enjoy. This classical flutist New York has devoted her life to flute playing. She is constantly winning the hearts and minds from people of all ages. The Flute Room ( is where you can listen to Michele’s breathtaking tunes. You will appreciate the costume designs featured in her current videos. Michele is a multi-talent flute player and is capable of playing different types of flute music. Become entranced in harmony and beauty right here, right now when you discover the cool enigma known as The Flute Room (