Concert Flutist

Michele McGovern is a world famous concert flutist that takes great pride in being able to provide you with heartfelt crossover flute music. Michele also plays classical, jazz and New Age flute music. This website, The Flute Room ( is your ultimate guide to Michele McGovern's latest musical compositions, as well as older pieces of art that she has brought forth with her amazing flute playing ability. Michele has played at many venues throughout the United States and across the globe for that matter. She had the honor of playing at New York's Carnegie Hall and went Live From Center Stage in front of 80,000 viewers from Cape Cod, Mass.

Being a concert flutist takes a lot of hard work and pride. Michele McGovern studied hard in school. She earned several scholarships and got both her BA and Master's degree in music performance. Michele also has award winning films and videos. The short film "Moonlight" won several awards. This film was dedicated to the late Melody Lord, an amazing piano player that worked with Michele McGovern for 12 years. Michele has seen her career take off in all of the right directions, thanks in part to the late Melody Lord who will be missed by so many, especially Michele. The Flute Room ( provides you with a bio section that tells you more about Michele McGovern's rise to fame. You can learn about Michele's background as a flute player and how she has become a top concert flutist.

Michele travels all over the place to meet her fans and to put on shows in select locations. This crossover artist is a Chicago modern flutist that takes tremendous pride in her work. She always strives for perfection when it comes to playing the flute as a concert flutist. There are videos posted on this user friendly website that provide you with elaborate scenery, costumes and dynamic flute playing that crosses all types of musical genres. The Flute Room ( is also where you can watch these videos and listen to her heartfelt flute music. Photos have also been posted on this website. Feel free to view these still shot photographs, some which feature her in her video productions. A concert flutist, such as Michele McGovern is always ready to answer your questions as you submit them through the contact link.

This Chicagoland flute player really appreciates the time that you take to provide some feedback regarding Michele's old and new music along with her unique videos. You can also follow Michele via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These amazing websites are really helping contemporary people to meet new friendly faces and even launch a new career by making videos about a topic of interest. This concert flutist hopes that you will become the next flute lover by following Michele McGovern through The Flute Room ( or other types of Internet channels just mentioned above. Now kick back, relax and enjoy the mystery and wonders of Michele McGovern's concert flutist performances.