Crossover Flute Player New York City

Michele McGovern is the crossover flute player New York City residents are talking about. Although Michele has already enjoyed a very successful career following her studies at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University, her YouTube channel has exploded her popularity throughout the country. Her channel is still very new, but she is already two time award-winning film maker and musician. For instance, “Moonlight” (which is a short musical film) won “Best Music Video” at the Mexico International Film Festival. She also won “Best Musical Short” for the same video at the Illinois International Film Festival.

Michele has enjoyed the opportunity to work with some of the world’s greatest musicians, including her collaboration with the late Melody Lord that spanned over 12 years. Ms. Lord was a Chicago symphony pianist that encouraged Ms. McGovern to pursue her musical career. Michele wrote the script for “Moonlight” to celebrate her memory and highlight one of Michele’s favorite collaboration pieces that they completed together. You can find more information about this crossover flute player New York City music lovers are intrigued by at the Flute Room ( 

Since the release of “Moonlight”, Michele has created several more videos, including “Falling Leaves,” “Pavane,” “Winter’s Beauty,” “Timelessness,” and “Little Flirt.” In addition to the amazing videos, you will also find valuable information about this crossover flute player New York City performer. There are recordings from her live performances, beautiful photographs, information about her latest projects, and a short biography. Although Michele started out as a classical flutist her talents and compositions have expanded into the crossover classical genre.

Ms. McGovern’s has enjoyed an impressive career that has taken her as far as Russia after an invitation to record as a soloist with the Saint Petersburg Camerata in St. Petersburg. She joined Ms. Lord for a performance at New York City's Carnegie Hall in the Weil recital hall where they showcased 6 of their collaborative arrangements for piano and flute. Today, Michele is immersed in creating videos and exploring other opportunities. This crossover flute player New York City residents will be excited to learn has begun a venture into musical theater with “Vadula.” This will be a combination of instrumental music, singing, dance, silks and acting all on one stage. You can learn more or find out how you can participate by visiting the Flute Room ( Just go to the Vadula contact section on this site and fill out the appropriate form to be considered. 

The Flute Room ( is filled with news, videos, and music by Michele McGovern, the crossover flute player New York City is talking about. On the site you will find an eclectic mix of music, which is a talent that few artists possess. This amazing crossover classical flutist hopes that you will take a moment to enjoy one of her live performances from the television show “Live from Center Stage Concert Series” in Cape Cod, MA. Again, you can contact this crossover flute player New York City artist right here at The Flute Room ( for more information.