Crossover Flutist Chicago

Michele McGovern wants to welcome you to her website The Flute Room ( This website features a wide array of videos and music for you to enjoy. Michele is a crossover flutist Chicago. In fact, her styles vary quite uniquely. She is also a classical flute player. When you watch Michele’s videos via this website you will notice lots of different costume designs and various melodies. Michele has managed to captivate many people, and her fan base is constantly growing. Worldwide attention has now been giving to Michele McGovern’s flute playing ability. She played a live performance in that state of Massachusetts. This performance took place Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod. This particular live performance was broadcasted to over 80,000 viewers. You will be able to watch this performance very soon via YouTube.

A crossover flutist Chicago is Michele McGovern. Her music includes great hits, such as “Winter’s Beauty”, “Nocturne”, “Pavane”, Timelessness” and “Moonlight.” These are only a handful of videos that you might be interested in watching. Michele and the late Melody Lord practiced together for over 12 years. Melody Lord was a primary inspiration in Michele’s career. Ms. Lord was a Chicago sympathy pianist and former a Musicians Club for Women member. The “Moonlight” melody was a dedication to her memory. She is missed by many people, but her memory always lives on. The Flute Room ( is a place where people gather to listen to the gorgeous flute playing ability of Michele McGovern.

Michele invites you to check out this cool website. Not only will you come across different videos and music styles, but there is also a news section that will keep you up to date with things that are going on in Michele’s flute playing life. Feel free to read over these news stories, and be sure to keep tuned to more upcoming events and announcements from this crossover flutist Chicago.
Michele also has a bio section. This informative link will provide you with a detailed history of Michele McGovern’s music career as a flute player. You can also contact Michele directly through this website. This crossover flutist Chicago adores her fans. She anxiously awaits your questions in the contact section of this website. Michele takes the time to respond to her fan base, so feel free to ask all of the questions you desire. 

A crossover flutist Chicago, such as Michele McGovern knows how to captivate the hearts and minds of her fans. There are still photos available on this website for your viewing pleasure. Michele has taken the time to post these photos from her latest videos. Flute playing in general is becoming more popular throughout society. Many people are tuning in to this type of music for relaxation and to escape from the daily stressors of life. Michele has different works in progress as we speak. The Flute Room ( will hopefully inspire you as a person. Many of us are dreamers and Michele has the ability to capture dreams through her flute arrangements. Contact her today with all of you