Crossover Musician

Flutist Michele McGovern is a crossover musician that enjoys stretching the possibilities of her instrument through her contemporary flute arrangements. The Flute Room ( is the place to visit when you are in the mood to listen to the gorgeous arrangements performed by this extraordinarily talented crossover musician. There are many music videos posted on this website for your viewing and listening pleasure. Flute hits from Michele include "End of the Road," "Falling Leaves," "Nocturne," "Sunrise," "Winters Beauty," "La Notte," "Moonlight," "Pavane," "Timelessness," "Little Flirt," and "Pathways" to name just a few. These are only a handful of the gorgeous flute melodies that you will come across on this website, as well as Michele's YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Michele McGovern started out as a classical flutist where she did arrangements for over 12 years with the respected pianist Melody Lord. Michele's first short musical film "Moonlight" was dedicated to her late compadre Melody Lord. This was a true turning point in Michele's career as a classical flute soloist. She won "Best Music Video" at the Mexico International Film Festival and was also recognized by the Illinois International Film Festival for "Best Musical Short." The success of this memorial piece sent Ms. McGovern into a journey of creating classical crossover music and videos.

As Michele McGovern's success grew as a crossover musician she was invented to perform live in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 2014. Audiences were captivated by her talent and creativity. She incorporates the use of dance and acrobats to give each performance an ethereal tone which had never been seen before. At the Flute Room (, you can find all of the latest news and concert dates for this crossover musician. Michele McGovern is always receptive to her viewers and listeners. She takes the time to respond to questions regarding her performances and more. You can contact her directly through this website.

Ms. McGovern's next adventure is a large undertaking to produce and perform in a spectacular musical ensemble entitled Lady Vadula. This creative venture includes original music performed by crossover musician, Michele McGovern and others. It will also encapsulate an intriguing story that is shared with the audience through the incorporation of actors, dancers, and acrobats. The result is bound to leave us all breathless. You can learn more about this performance and others by visiting The Flute Room (

This crossover musician has seen a large upsurge in popularity over the past few months. People are now following her career closely to see what amazing forays she will lead us to next. The art of flute playing is something that Michele McGovern was born to do with a gift that few possess. We invite you to explore The Flute Room ( to learn more about Michele. You can also enjoy her latest music and videos, which have been posted to this site. This crossover musician loves her fans and looks forward to providing you and many others with even more great flute music in the future. Please take the time to listen to some of Michele's current music releases available on this site, YouTube, and Vimeo.