Flute Music Chicago

Flute music Chicago by Michele McGovern is sweeping gently through the “Windy City.” Michele is one of the world’s great flute artists. The magic ability to play the flute is something that is gifted to only the select few. Michele McGovern has worked hard to make a name for herself and establish a pronounced career. Her website Fluteroom.com showcases her musical talents. Flute music videos, such as “Nocturne”, “Timelessness”, “Winter’s Beauty” and “Little Flirt” express Michele’s dynamic flute playing ability and her talents to deliver superior flute music Chicago.

Not only is Michele a flutist, as well as, a composer and an arranger, but she is also a two-time award winning film maker. In 2014, her short musical film Moonlight was awarded “Best Music Video” at the Mexico International Film Festival. This same piece also won “Best Musical Short” courtesy of the Illinois International Film Festival. The soundtrack for this specific film came from an arrangement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (Mvt #1). The passing of Melody Lord, a former Chicago Symphony pianist and Musicians Club of women member, was the inspiration for this film. Ms. Lord was a good friend of Michele’s and the film was dedicated to her in memory. Flute music Chicago from Michele McGovern is touching many hearts across the country and throughout the world. The website, Fluteroom.com is the place you want to be at for wonderful flute music from one of the world’s top ten flute artists.

This website has a unique bio section that talks about Michele McGovern’s accolades and specific examples of her music. Classic music videos by flutist Michele McGovern and relaxing flute music New York are just some of the categories of beautiful sounds that you will encounter when you desire to hear more of Michele’s flute music. Flute music Chicago is something that has inspired Michele to become a top flute artist. She continues to touch many lives with her flute music videos and her attention to detail and soothing sounds.

You can contact Michele directly through this website. Feel free to ask her any questions you desire about her current videos or upcoming flute videos and possible performances. There is also a news section on this website. This particular section provides you with breaking news stories involving things going on in Michele’s music career. Viewers can also go to the music section on this website to play Michele’s unique flute videos.

The Fluteroom.com is Michele’s voice echoing out its desire to reach you and millions of others. Flute music is making a big time comeback in today’s society. People are definitely more attentive to the harmony and melodies that touch hearts and minds throughout the world. Michele McGovern is proud to be an award winning flute artist and someone that can open your mind to a world of endless possibilities. Find out more about Michele’s latest flute videos today by visiting the Fluteroom.com, and discover the magic and wonder of flute music and flute music Chicago and its sweet ability to capture your soul.