Flute Performer Chicago Illinois

Chicago, IL has a great flute player by the name of Michele McGovern. This flute performer Chicago Illinois shows her true musical talent on and off the stage. In a time when music is constantly changing, more people are going back in time to more classical instruments like the flute.  The music that Michele plays will touch your heart and bring profound thoughts to the mind. She has a way of captivating large audiences, just like she did in Massachusetts. She was live from Center Stage located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This particular show drew over 80,000 people. You will soon see her live performance and follow up interview on YouTube very soon. The Flute Room is Michele McGovern’s website. She has many of her awesome flute music hits available via video. Take the time to listen to her magical melodies.

A flute performer Chicago Illinois has to go through extensive training to become one of the best. Michele McGovern’s background touches on her being awarded a full scholarship for both her BA and Master’s Degree in Music Performance from the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. She is a flutist, a composer and arranger, as well as, a two time award winning film maker. When you are visiting The Flute Room at fluteroom.com you will come across a wide range of amazing videos from Michele. Be sure to check out “Nocturne”, “Timelessness”, “Winter’s Beauty”, “Little Flirt”, “Moonlight”, and “Pavane”. Each of these flute music videos has their own unique style and characters. The background imagery is also different for each one, incorporating a larger theme to the particular type of music she is playing.

Photos are also available on Michele McGovern’s website called The Flute Room. Feel free to look over these. You can also contact Michele. She loves to hear back from her fans. You can find out more about upcoming musical events that she will be a part of in the future. There is also a bio section on her website that tells you a little bit about Michele’s background within the music industry. This section is very interesting to say the least, so take your time reading over it. Being a flute performer Chicago Illinois takes devotion and lots of practice. Michele McGovern has always been committed to making her dreams come true.
The Flute Room is a fun place to listen to Michele McGovern’s outstanding flute hits. Music from a top ten flutist in the world is something to cherish. It has a way of moving the soul and will help take your mind off the stress of life. Now is the perfect time to listen to Michele’s music. This flute performer Chicago Illinois loves to hear your feedback. Michele gets lots of questions about upcoming performances from her viewing audience. She will be happy to respond to your questions. Thank you for visiting The Flute Room where you will find a great flute performer Chicago Illinois. Stay connected to Michele for more exciting news in the flute industry.