Michele McGovern is making her name known throughout the world as being a top flutist. Her website, The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) is where you can find Michele's latest hits and older works of art. Michele has been a very busy person these days with the release of Vadula where a wide collaboration of artists have come together to bring you this musical production. This particular story goes into the enigmatic world of Lady Vadula. She has lured gorgeous women into becoming her minions and produces a seductive dance that attracts men into a dark fate. This is a new project for Michele McGovern and one that offers excitement and mystery to her audience. If you have any questions for Michele about this theatrical production do not hesitate to contact her.

Other new hits from Michele include "End of the Road" and "Pathways". Both of these elegant and enchanting flutist hits continue to launch Michele McGovern's career in the right direction. You can also visit the video section on this website to check other more fantastic flute music from Michele. Other marvelous hits, such as Nocturne, Timelessness, Little Flirt, Winter's Beauty, Falling Leaves, Moonlight and Pavane give the listener heartfelt flute music from one of the best around. The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) is your home source to learn more about Michele's eclectic flutist style and her appeal to the audiences throughout the globe.

There are also photos on this website that feature still shot pictures of Michele in different dresses and video backgrounds. Website viewers can also go to the news section from time to time to get updates on upcoming events and performances that Michele McGovern will be engaging in. This crossover flutist loves to hear back from her fans. Feel free to leave Michele a question or a comment in the contact us section on this website. The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) is a place where people gather to listen to the melodies and harmonies of this flutist that make life tick in the right direction every day.

Feel free to also look over her bio section on this website. This area provides you with some outstanding information about Michele McGovern's background studies and how she has become a world renowned flute player. Michele has performed in numerous venues across the country and even throughout the world. One of her most interesting performances took place Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Mass. Over 80,000 viewers tuned into this amazing performance from this excellent flutist. The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) also provides you with great information about Michele McGovern's relationship with the late pianist Melody Lord. This was a good friend of Michele’s who helped her to get her career started.

Being a flutist is not the easiest job in the world, but Michele McGovern does make it look easy. This is a talented flute player that has God given talent and a strong educational background. The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) offers a wide variety of Michele's awesome flute music. This New Age flutist is now moving ahead with new works of art. We hope that you take the time to enjoy her music and her upcoming hits and performances.