Great Flute Players Chicago Illinois

Michele McGovern is one of the great flute players Chicago Illinois. Her website The Flute Room showcases all of her outstanding music videos. The videos include “Winter’s Beauty”, “Pavane”, “Little Flirt”, “Timelessness”, “Nocturne” and “Moonlight.” There is also a video on there called Who Was Melody Lord? Michele McGovern and Melody Lord worked together to create “Moonlight”, an award winning video. The soundtrack for this particular film was based on an arrangement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (Mvt. #1). Both women created this unique arrangement but sadly Ms. Lord has passed away. Moonlight was a tribute to the late Melody Lord.

Michele, being one of the great flute players Chicago Illinois, has performed in front of large audiences. This was the case back in 2014 when she performed Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She performed her novel compositions and arrangements on the east coast TV show. It was broadcast to over 80,000 viewers. Michele McGovern has also had multiple solo appearances. She has augmented her overall fan base quite rapidly, and many visit The Flute Room to listen to her charming flute music. You can contact Michele through this website. Just leave your name and your email. You can submit comments below this. Michele always tries to respond in a timely manner but being a busy flutist you may have to wait for her to get back to you within a few days.

Great flute players Chicago Illinois are hard to find. The flute is a unique instrument that requires the player to focus the heart and the mind solely on the instrument. Michele McGovern is a gifted new age flutist Chicago Illinois. Her style is unique and quite lovely. Even the most cantankerous environments and people will settle down nicely once they start to hear the beautiful melodies that Michele can play off her flute.

Michele is a two time award winning film maker. “Moonlight” was awarded “Best Music Video” via the Mexico International Film Festival. The same piece also won “Best Musical Short” from the Illinois International Film Festival. Michele McGovern is proud of her accolades, but she is even more excited to have you aboard as a fan. Michele loves interacting with the public domain. She has played solo concerts in some settings. The Flute Room ( is how Michele expresses her flute playing talents. 
In order to track down great flute players Chicago Illinois, you have to search quite a bit. There are only a handful of standout flute players that are making waves within the larger society, and Michele McGovern is one of them. Feel free to view her still photo shots from some of her videos. You will get close up photos for your viewing pleasure.  The Flute Room is a place where you can express opinions and ideas to Michele while enjoying her wonderful melodies. Please take the time to go through these user friendly links today and find out why great flute players Chicago Illinois defines Michele McGovern.