Michele McGovern World Class Flute player

Michele McGovern is a world famous flutist that has the extraordinary talent and captivating personality that equals a winning combination. Her recently launched website called The Flute Room showcases her award-winning videos from her popular YouTube channel. Beautiful hits like “Moonlight”, “Winters Beauty”, “Pavane”, “Timelessness” and “Little Flirt” are just a sampling of Michele’s extraordinary talent. Michele McGovern world class flute player is a composer/arranger with unmitigated talent. Her style spans across all genres, which is why she is well-known as a crossover classical artist.

In 2014 Michele won her first video award for the production of “Moonlight.” The “Best Music Video” honor was received at the Mexico International Film Festival. It also received a “Best Musical Short” award from the Illinois International Film Festival. Michele McGovern’s bio highlights some of her many accomplishments. You will find details about her musical accomplishments, her education as a flutist, as well as her career as a respected composer/arranger. Michele McGovern world class flute player is definitely one of the top ten flutists in the world. She has captivated people from all around the globe with her musical talent, acting capabilities, and impeccable script writing to name just a few of her many accomplishments.

Photos are also available on this website for your viewing pleasure of Michele McGovern world class flute player. You can also contact Michele with any questions that you may have for her. Michele loves to hear your feedback, comments and requests, and again, you can watch her videos on The Flute Room or go to YouTube and Vimeo to see her latest hits.

The music landscape has become an incredible mix of genres, which have created micro-genres that are too numerous to count. Ms. McGovern has managed to harness this phenomenon to create breathtaking works of video magic and riveting compositions based on original works and arrangements of some of the greatest composers of our time, such as Beethoven and Mozart. Some people argue that classical music is a thing of the past, but people have not forgotten what great music is like, which is why Ms. McGovern’s classical crossover style has received so much attention and accolades. Today’s society is a yearning for websites, such as The Flute Room. Michele McGovern world class flute player is beautiful, captivating and enigmatic. Her music touches the hearts and souls of millions, and she will continue in her adventures concerning this wonderful genre of music.

Thank you for visiting The Flute Room that Michele McGovern world class flute player calls her home away from home. Music, videos and photos are available on this website, for your enjoyment. Michele hopes you will relish your experience spent on her site. Be sure to check out Michele’s amazing videos. They are magnetic and hypnotic to say the least. Again, you can contact Michele with any questions that you may have. Michele McGovern world class flute player and The Flute Room will capture your heart and move the spirit in ways you never thought possible.