Relaxing Flute Music New York

Michele McGovern is one of the world’s top flute players. Her website, is dedicated to her musical talent and her amazing flute videos. Michele has the ability to deliver relaxing flute music New York to New York listeners and people throughout the globe. She won a full scholarship for both her BA and Master’s Degree in Music Performance courtesy of the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. Back in November of 2014, Michele McGovern had a live performance in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She performed numerous compositions and arrangements to an audience exceeding 80,000 viewers.

The is the place to be when you want to listen to the soothing sounds of Michele McGovern’s flute music. This award winning artist has plenty of exciting flute videos, such as “Winter’s Beauty”, “Little Flirt”, “Pavane”, “Moonlight” and “Timelessness.” All of these videos and much more are available on this website. Relaxing flute music New York from Michele McGovern is breathtaking to say the least. Michele’s videos feature a wide array of unique characters and costume designs.

Playing the flute requires profound musical talent and an attention to your environment. When you watch Michele’s videos you will notice the passion and elegance that is created through her gorgeous music. Her website, showcases both old and new flute videos created by Michele. You can contact Michele as well on this website. Michele always loves to hear from her fans. Feel free to ask questions about specific videos you watch through this website or any other inquires that you have for this world famous flute artist. Creating relaxing flute music New York takes time and passion. Michele McGovern’s dedication to this genre of music speaks volumes about her character and her ability to please her viewers.

Engaging in relaxing flute music New York from Michele McGovern will sweep the soul off its feet. You will feel a sense of peace when you listen to the beautiful tunes of Michele’s flute music. This new wave flutist New York has a cool bio section on this website. You can learn more about Michele’s past accolades and how she has become a huge musical success within an industry that just keeps getting more competitive each passing day. Relaxing flute music New York is just one of Michele’s marvelous abilities. Now is the perfect time to sit down and relax to the

Relaxing flute music New York has got the city that never sleeps alert and ready. Many people are talking about Michele McGovern’s dynamic flute music. The is Michele’s home to all of her marvelous works of art. This passionate flute artist invites you to listen to her relaxing flute music via online through this website. Again, you can contact Michele with any questions that you may have regarding her current or upcoming plans within the flute industry. Michele welcomes you to the Please take the time to explore this magical website and enjoy all of the bountiful tunes put forth by Michele McGovern.