American Flutists

American flutists, such as Michele McGovern, breed life and positive thoughts into people. Flute music is one of the best ways to relax from a stressful day, and The Flute Room is where you can come and listen to Michele McGovern's crossover flute music. 21st Century flutists like Michele are using the best flute instruments to produce heartfelt melodies that captivate the minds and souls of listeners. This user-friendly website has links that tell you more about Michele's background as one of the best American flutists. You can go to her bio section and learn more about her education, her studies and how she became an award-winning filmmaker with "Moonlight." Michele also had a very close relationship with pianist, Melody Lord. This former Chicago Symphony pianist passed away, but her memory is still cherished by Michele McGovern and her fans. Ms. Lord helped shape Michele's flute playing career by acting as a mentor and personal friend.

The Flute Room also has amazing, award-winning videos and gorgeous music from Michele McGovern. Feel free to listen to hits, such as "Nocturne", "Sunset", "Pavane", "Pathways", "Timelessness" and more. All of Michele's videos take place in different cool settings and backdrops. American flutists, like Michele, take a lot of pride in the work that they do. They are devoted to their fans and keep performing at a high-level throughout their careers. You can contact Michele via The Flute Room. She takes the time to listen to your feedback and answer your questions of interest. Right now Michele is working on Lady Vadula, a musical play that involves the art of flute playing and a cast of characters that act out a spellbound story about the mysterious Lady Vadula. This play will be going live very soon.

American flutists and flutists from around the globe are involved in a genre of music that many people do not think about on a regular basis. It is the type of music that, when given the chance, will appeal to all of your senses and capture the mind and soul. Flute music is making a wonderful comeback, not that it went anywhere, but more and more people are beginning to discover the magic associated with this instrument. The Flute Room is where you can listen to Michele McGovern's enigmatic flute playing talents. You can also check out her latest collection of hits called "Falling Leaves." People will hear new age, classical and pop flute music along with some rock flute music from this awesome collection. Again, please contact Michele McGovern via The Flute Room with any questions that you have for her regarding her music or upcoming play, Lady Vadula. American flutists are here to entice your soul with love, peace and positive thoughts.