Award Winning Filmmaker

Michele McGovern is an award-winning flutist and filmmaker that has gained worldwide recognition. The Flute Room is a website where you can learn more about Michele McGovern and her music. Accolades have been handed out to Michele for "Moonlight," a short film that tells a tragic story. Michele devoted this film to Melody Lord, a good friend and mentor of Michele McGovern. Michele and Ms. Lord worked together for many years. She helped shape Michele's talent with her piano contributions, and they did six arrangements at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Melody Lord sadly passed away. She is missed by Michele McGovern and many others, but her memory lives on. Michele is now an award-winning filmmaker and is boosting her music career with her debut album, "Falling Leaves."

You can view "Moonlight" and other cool videos and short film clips via The Flute Room. "Moonlight" brings cinematic music to the forefront of modern day flute productions. It is an intense story regarding love and loss. This short film earned "Best Music Video" at the Mexico International Film Festival. It was also awarded "Best Musical Short" via the Illinois International Film Festival. Michele McGovern also has more award-winning videos on her website that you will enjoy. This award-winning filmmaker invites you to also listen to other hits, such as "Nocturne", "Winter's Beauty", "End of the Road", "Sunset", "Pathways" and "La Notte." These are just a few of Michele's awesome flute videos that you are bound to enjoy.

Michele is now working on a theatrical musical called "Lady Vadula." Open casting for specific parts are still available. Please contact Michele McGovern if you are interested in taking part in this dynamic play involving unique characters, a wonderful story and the magic of the flute. You can also leave comments and feedback for Michele via The Flute Room. Just go to the contact section on this website to comment or ask questions for this award-winning filmmaker.

There is also a bio section that will give you more details about Michele McGovern's career and background as a top flute player. Michele is known for her relaxing music and other genres of flute playing such as classical, rock, pop and even jazz to some extent. The Flute Room is where you come to enjoy the art of modern day flute playing from one of the best flute performers around. Let the rapture of this award-winning filmmaker fill your life with positive energy and good vibrations from one of the coolest instruments around.