Award Winning Flutist

The Flute Room is where award-winning flutist, Michele McGovern, invites you and others to come and enjoy the soft sounds of romance, love and the feeling of a free spirit soaring. Michele has become a top Chicagoland flute player and her talents are recognized throughout the country and the world. Her recent album, Falling Leaves, won an award and this album is the perfect way to discover the magic of Michele McGovern's flute music. She focuses on different music genres over this album, including rock, classical and pop. This award-winning flutist is also known for her fascinating music videos and elaborate costume designs.

Entering The Flute Room allows you to experience the inner core of this award-winning flutist. Fans of Michele and newcomers can follow Michele on this website where she posts news stories and current events that she has regarding rehearsals, performances and upcoming music releases. You can also send a friend request to Michele to keep up with her on Facebook. This is a great way to keep connected to Michele McGovern and find out more about her unique flute performances and if she will be coming to a nearby venue in your area. Michele just got done producing Lady Vadula Spellbound. This magnificent musical was received with very positive reviews from the local newspapers in Orland Park. She made front page news with Lady Vadula Spellbound and her audience members were enchanted with memorable flute music from this award-winning flutist and a cast of characters that left a lasting imprint on your psyche.

Michele McGovern is now moving on to new projects and rehearsing with some big time composers and musicians. There is no telling what kind of exciting news will emanate next from The Flute Room. This is why you need to check into this website on a regular basis, especially if you want to follow this award-winning flutist and her activities. Michele is very receptive to her fans, and she loves telling people about her cool videos and musical performances. Many people witnessing Michele for the first time on stage are stunned by her youthful and loving appearance and a heart that takes in simple kindness from the larger world. Being an award-winning flutist has given Michele McGovern the opportunity to keep moving up to new heights and making a name for herself.

Let The Flute Room be your guide to timeless flute music from Michele McGovern. There are marvelous photos of Michele and her casting crew members in her music videos on this website. In addition, you can learn more about this award-winning flutist's background by reading over information contained in her bio section. Award-winning videos, such as Moonlight and gorgeous music like Timelessness, Winter's Beauty and End of the Road are just a few things that you can look forward to when you enter The Flute Room. Now is the time to let Michele McGovern win your heart over. This award-winning flutist is ready to charm you and enlighten your soul with the soft magic of her flute.