Award-Winning Videos

Award winning videos have been produced by many great artists over the years. One would not typically think of flute music in this category, but look again, there are flutists, such as Michele McGovern that have produced these types of videos with her magical ability as an artist. The Flute Room ( is your home base to listen to Michele McGovern’s mesmerizing flute music. She has produced award winning videos. Michele is an award winning film maker and an award winning world famous flute player that loves to grab her audience’s attention.

You can listen to all different kinds of genres of flute music played by Michele. She engages in new age music, jazz, flute pop music, classical crossover music and even rock flute music. Her unique style and mixture of harmonic tunes has grabbed the attention of the masses. Award winning videos have been posted on this website for your listening and viewing pleasure. We invite you to take part in Michele McGovern’s flute music by viewing these music videos that capture a particular theme or story. The Flute Room ( is where you can find hits, such as “Moonlight”, “Pavane”, “Falling Leaves”, “Nocturne” and “End of the Road” Michele is currently working on new hits and is involved in producing a play called Lady Vadula.

This particular play will feature a mixture of music, singing, dancing and unique artistic acting roles. You can read more about Lady Vadula on this website, and there are still open casting parts available if you are interested. Just contact Michele McGovern about your interest in taking part in this upcoming production and tell her about your experience and why you would like a role in this play. Michele is very good at responding to her fans. Award winning videos are not the only thing Michele is good at producing. Her background is fascinating and tells the story of a hardworking flutist that has advanced degrees in school and her associations that have helped her become a huge success. The Flute Room ( is where you can contact her.

You can also follow Michele via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. She loves hearing feedback from her fans so don’t be shy about asking her questions or commenting on her flute music and award winning videos. Her bio section on this user friendly website outlines her background as a flute player and how she became so famous worldwide. Contact Michele McGovern through The Flute Room ( with any questions that you have for this amazing flute artist.