Live Chicago Music

Chicago is a marvelous and beautiful city filled with creative people and dynamic musicians. Music within the City of Chicago keeps the heartbeat of this urban region pulsating with excitement and energy. Live Chicago music is just one thing that will take you into a dreamy flight of ecstasy whether you are a local living in "The Windy City" or a visitor coming in from out of town to check out the sights and sounds of this Lake Michigan metropolis. Michele McGovern is a famous musician in Chicago. She is also a world recognized flute player that devotes her life to the art of flute playing. The Flute Room is your entrance into Michele's magical world of flute music.

Cinematic music, relaxing music and classical crossover tunes are just some of the things that Michele McGovern does best. Live Chicago music from Michele is being recognized not just in Chicago, but throughout global cities. Michele performed Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This was just one of many standout performances that Michele has given. Michele has also performed at New York City's elegant and historic Carnegie Hall. More upcoming performances will be posted via The Flute Room. Be sure to also contact Michele McGovern through this website to find out more about her live Chicago music and upcoming events.

Michele has a wide range of talents when it comes to the art of flute playing. This world famous flute player touches on different genres of music. Please take the time to watch some of her videos posted on this website and be enchanted by her mesmerizing flutist talent. New music, such as "End of the Road", "Pathways", "Falling Leaves" and "Sunrise" depict Michele within different scenic environments to set the mood for the music that follows. Many of Michele McGovern's fans love her attention to creativity, costume designs and her lively movements when she plays. Live Chicago music, such as Michele McGovern's, is just one reason to come to Chicago. The Flute Room has all of Michele's videos and music for you.

You can also follow Michele on her YouTube channel. Facebook and Twitter are other ways to stay in touch. This award-winning short filmmaker and flutist is now working on a musical play called "Lady Vadula." If you are interested in being cast in this production, please contact Michele via The Flute Room and fill out the appropriate information. Live Chicago music is always taken to new heights when you have a flutist, such as Michele McGovern playing for you. Be sure to visit The Flute Room to learn more about Michele's background and current activities.