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Top recording artist, Michele McGovern, welcomes you and others to The Flute Room. Michele is an award-winning flute player that has starred in many performances at venues throughout the world. Ms. McGovern just got done wrapping up her first musical play called Lady Vadula Spellbound. This play has received excellent reviews from both critics and viewers alike. It showcases Michele's profound and unique talent for playing the flute along with a haunting plot that involves the mysterious Lady Vadula, a mute who can no longer speak except through the music of her flute. Michele McGovern plays the enigmatic Vadula, and the plot is simply entrancing and very memorable to say the least.

Michele McGovern, a top recording artist throughout the greater Chicagoland area and throughout the world, hopes that you will take the time to enjoy what The Flute Room has to offer. You can listen to gorgeous flute melodies from different genres of music, and Michele's award-winning album entitled Falling Leaves will take you into a dreamscape filled with wonder, imagination and relaxation. This top recording artist also has some award-winning short films, and her music via The Flute Room is filled with passion and emotion that runs deep within the human mind.

Visitors to The Flute Room can get updates about Michele McGovern's current events and what she is up to in terms of her award-winning flute playing and where she will be appearing next. Feel free to ask her questions through this website. You can ask if Michele will be visiting your area anytime soon for an upcoming show or inquire about new flute music that will be coming soon. This award-winning Chicagoland flute player loves her fans and is quite receptive to questions about The Flute Room, her career and why she has become a top recording artist.

There is a bio section that you can read over to get more familiar with Michele's background and how the late Melody Lord played a role in Michele's award-winning status. Michele McGovern has touched the lives of so many people with her magical ability to play the flute. This top recording artist is an award-winning recording artist that spends a lot of time with her family and on her career. She takes a positive attitude towards everything in life and is one of those people that is very friendly and extroverted and lives life to its fullest knowing that it is a gift. Michele gives back to society with her amazing ability to charm people with her award-winning flute playing. Being a top recording artist and having The Flute Room website where fans and newcomers can go watch videos and listen to her music is something that Michele cherishes. There is also a store on this website where you can purchase cool things associated with this award-winning flute player. Moreover, The Flute Room is where this top recording artist has her best work laid out for your listening pleasure. You can also follow her on YouTube and via Facebook to learn more about her upcoming events.