Renaissance Music

The art of Renaissance music still lives on today. You can listen to many great artists that touch upon this unique time period. Michele McGovern is a world famous flutist that has won numerous accolades. Her wonderful style incorporates past time periods into the modern era. When you watch some of her videos you will notice that she has a Renaissance music touch. Michele is a two-time award winning film maker, and in November of 2014 she performed some of her latest compositions and arrangements live on east coast television. One show in Cape Cod, Massachusetts was broadcasted to over 80,000 watchers. Her website, the flute room, showcases videos, photos and stunning music.

Renaissance music is basically music that was written throughout Europe during the Renaissance Period. The era began around the year 1400, towards the closure of the medieval era, and came to an end right around the year 1600. Several contributing factors gave rise to Renaissance music throughout the European continent. These factors included the augmentation of human thought, the artistic and literary heritage of ancient Greece and Rome, an increase in innovative thought and overall human discovery, the increase of commercial enterprise, the rise of a class of people known as the bourgeois class along with the Protestant Reformation. From this alternating society came about a unifying musical language that appealed to the masses. Music and music theory became more available on a widespread scale thanks to the invention of the Gutenberg press. Although the modern day press is a lot quicker in delivering news and events to people, it is hard to overlook what the early developers of history contributed to society. Renaissance music is still played today by numerous musicians, and Michele McGovern’s cool videos have a Renaissance flair. You can listen to her amazing flute playing abilities via the flute room.

The art of flute playing is not the easiest of tasks. It takes profound talent, education, precision and working with the right people to be a successful flute player. Michele McGovern has performed many wonderful flute arrangements including “Winter’s Beauty”, “Pavane”, “Little Flirt”, “Timelessness” and her latest release “Nocturne”.  Photos are available on this website, and you can contact Michele by filling out the appropriate contact information. Renaissance music is definitely something that touches the human heart and moves the soul. Classical music in general is now making a nice comeback throughout society as people begin to understand and appreciate the style of music performed during this age. The flute room website gives you deep introspective into the unique style of Michele McGovern’s flute playing abilities.

We welcome you to the flute room. If you have any questions about this website, just feel free to fill out the contact information. Renaissance music will live on forever. Michele McGovern has great respect for this type of music and other types of music done throughout the ages. You will enjoy an array of videos and music on this website. Thank you for visiting the flute room, and let your soul intake the breathtaking sounds of time.