Award Winning Flute Performer in Illinois

Michele McGovern is an award-winning flute performer in Illinois. People throughout the state of Illinois, across the country and even on a worldwide basis have come to recognize Ms. McGovern as one of the best flute players within the music industry. She is surrounded by many other famous world flute players. These notable figures have helped Michele with her career path and to get her to shape and mold out her way to fame. People come to The Flute Room to listen to Michele McGovern's award winning flute music. Live musical video performances, short films, photos and designed videos have been posted on this website for you and all followers.

Interested website followers can also take a look at Michele's bio section to find out more about her early days in the music industry and background studies leading up to her accolades. Michele McGovern has been influenced by some very talented people within the industry, such as Melody Lord. The late Ms. Lord was a mentor to this award winning flute performer in Illinois and a world famous piano player. It is sad that Ms. Lord is no longer with us, but her memory lives on in Michele McGovern's tribute to Ms. Lord in the award winning music video called "Moonlight." This is just one of Michele's outstanding performances that takes listeners into a world filled with profound plot and moving characters. You can view "Moonlight" and other award winning music from Michele via The Flute Room.

This award winning flute performer in Illinois has the ability to create touching flute music that will delight you. Michele's music is perfect for people that are in the relaxing mood and want to unwind. This website features tons of music and videos, including music from Michele's award winning album: Falling Leaves. The Flute Room is the place where hearts are touched and minds are captivated in charm and enlightenment.

Having an award winning flute performer in Illinois is great for people living in Illinois that want to be proud of their state and the things that people do living in Illinois. Michele McGovern is a standout flute player that is gaining global recognition quickly. Now is the time to find out more about Ms. McGovern and her award winning flute music. Come to The Flute Room now to experience the magic and energy that this award winning flute performer in Illinois has to offer.