New Age Flute Music

One genre of music, which gained popularity in the 80s and 90s is making a resurgence today. New age flute music was reserved for individuals that were into yoga and meditation, but this has changed. Today, there are no restrictions that limit new age music to a specific time or place. It has gone from a genre that was designed to fit a specific purpose to a mainstream form of entertainment. Although many people still use this relaxing music for daily yoga and/or meditation, it now serves a much larger group of people. New age flute music, such as the melodies that Michele McGovern has created via The Flute Room, consists of a much larger form of expression. For instance, her amazing new age music incorporates a variety of genres within one composition.

This means that you might experience electronic and acoustic rock, folk, jazz and more within the same new age flute music piece. This genre has expanded to include both natural and manmade sounds that are both soothing and arousing at the same time. The acoustic forms tend to focus more on the classical examples of an instrument and natural sounds that surround us, while the electronic versions focus more on the instrumentation involvement. Michele McGovern offers a variety of examples on her YouTube channel and her website, also known as The Flute Room. Although traditional new age flute music would avoid the use of vocals, today's examples can be all instrumental or include lyrics. This is a large change that sets apart the modern examples from the creations, which were popular in the 80s and 90s.

Here at The Flute Room you can listen to modern-day versions of new age flute music performed by Michele McGovern with accompaniment by some of her extraordinary friends. Michele's music features award-winning video hits such as, "Winter's Beauty", "Pavane", "Little Flirt", and "Nocturne."

New age flute music blends beauty and mystery into its sounds that classical music misses due to the many instrumental restrictions. Audiences are captivated by Michele's ability to play a variety of genres from new age to jazz and from rock to classical all on the flute via The Flute Room. It is hard for us to understand that new age flute music is rooted in some of today's most popular artists, such as Pink Floyd. In fact, there were many different styles that helped create the genre in the 1970s. Michele McGovern's was first known as a world-renowned classical flutist, but she transitioned to crossover classical after years of working with a variety of orchestras.

She is now devoted to creating her own music, including new age flute music. You can see other examples within Michele's YouTube channel. In addition, Ms. McGovern is in the process of launching a new adventure with her live production of "Lady Vadula." This is an original production, which encapsulates her new age flute music with acting, dancing, acrobatics, singing and much more. You can learn more and keep up-to-date with the launch of this production by visiting this site (The Flute Room) and enoy Michele's gorgeous music at the same time.